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How to use Happy cards for Disney gift card discounts – Guide

We didn’t set out to be so focused on Disney gift cards, but since we lost Chase we’ve had to adapt our Disney savings strategies. Credit card sign up bonuses remain the best way to save money on your Disney vacation, but saving money on Disney gift cards definitely helps too. Today I thought we’d take a look at how to use Happy cards for Disney gift card discounts. We’ve spoken about time sensitive Happy card deals in the past, but I think it’s good to illustrate a general strategy for using Happy cards to buy Disney gift cards.

Update: We’re getting reports Happy Lady isn’t working in store at Bed Bath & Beyond. We’re monitoring and will update with our findings.

Note, buying Disney gift cards with Happy cards can present some good savings, but do take some work. Let’s jump in.

What are Happy cards?

Happy cards are gift cards sold by Metabank. They come in all sorts of shapes and flavors – Happy Guy, Happy Lady, Happy Bride, Happy Kid, and Happy Student are the versions we will focus on in this guide. Happy gift cards are gift cards that only work at certain locations. These locations are generally fairly stereotypical (and sometimes problematic haha). For example, Happy Guy gift cards can only be used at Home Depot, AutoZone, Dell, Buffalo Wild Wings, Lord & Taylor, Burger King, or McCormick and Schmick’s.

The reason we focus on the above cards is because they can be used at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Home Depot. Happy Guy can be used at Home Depot, the rest can be used at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Even though Happy Kid technically should only work at Buy Buy Baby, it works at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (they’re sister stores).


Happy Lady, Happy Bride, Happy Kid, and Happy Student can be used at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Happy Guy can be used at Home Depot.

What does this do for us? Well, Happy cards basically work like credit cards and can be used to buy Disney gift cards at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Home Depot.

Here’s how to save money armed with that knowledge.

You’ll need a ton of gift cards to afford the bungalows at the Polynesian (Photo Credit | Matt Stroshane,

1. Find a discount on Happy cards

Since Happy cards are new, various retailers have been offering discounts on them. We’ll try to keep track of them here and you can also follow our Disney gift card deals Twitter account @DisneyGCdeals. These deals come in all types, you can find a list of some outdated deals for reference here. We’ve seen discounts of 10-20% off Happy cards.

Note that some of these deals are more like “deals”. For example, the Stop and Shop discount offered $10 in groceries when you bought a $50 or larger Happy card but you had to get the groceries in the same transaction. Although that’s technically 20% savings (actually, 16.67% if you want to nitpick), we don’t value that as such since you might not normally buying groceries at Stop and Shop, the groceries you buy there might be more expensive, etc.

Regardless, we find this worth doing if we can get Happy cards for at least 10% off.

2. If using Happy cards at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, link card to Ebates in-store cash back (optional)

One neat trick that was discussed on the last Milenomics podcast is the ability to link Happy cards to Ebates in store cashback. Ebates is a cashback portal and the way Happy cards are coded, you can add them to your Ebates (don’t have an account? Sign up for one here, referral link). Link them to “in-store cashback” for Bed, Bath, and Beyond and you will receive 2% cashback on your purchases. Note, this gets cumbersome because you need to re-link the offer every time it gets used and input a bunch of numbers into Ebates, so make sure you don’t forget. (I generally just do it on the app in my car before I go into Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

3. Use Happy cards to buy Disney gift cards at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Home Depot

Once you have your Happy cards in hand, you can use them to buy Disney gift cards at either Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Home Depot. Obviously how this works depends on the denomination of Happy gift cards you have, but for the most part, you’re just swiping the Happy card like it’s a credit card (because it basically is!).

Note, if you have small denomination cards you will have to either buy one Disney gift card at a time or swipe multiple times in a single transaction. You’ll have to tell your cashier that you want to put $X on this card, and then $Y on the second, etc. etc. If a cashier gets finicky, just buy lower amounts, but you’re not doing anything wrong. Some social engineering goes a long way.

4. Combine your gift cards on (optional)

Since Bed, Bath, and Beyond only sells small denominations, we find it best to combine gift cards on I’d rather deal with one or two high denomination gift cards than 20 small denomination ones! The process is very straightforward.

Total Savings

Stacking Ebates and Happy gift card sales, the best we’ve been able to do is 22% off of Disney gift cards. That’s pretty good! With the ability to use Disney gift cards to pay for hotels, tickets, reservations made at a discount through travel agents, Disney cruises, and more, even a few gift cards at 22% off are a great deal. Even if you can only get them for 10% off, it’s still better than the 8% off at BJ’s from the other day. Personally, 8% doesn’t get me super excited, but I’m willing to jump through some hoops for 22%! Here’s hoping there will be some more Happy card discounts in the near future. When they come, you’ll know how to take best advantage of them to buy discounted Disney gift cards! (In fact, if you live near a Kroger, you can get started with $10 grocery credit for a $50 Happy purchase until November 20th, 2018).

“Happy” discount hunting!

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