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Publix shoppers – 20% off Happy Giftcards

There’s a sale on Happy giftcards at Publix, save $10 when buying $50 or more of Happy cards (first seen on Doctor of Credit).

As a quick reminder, you can buy the following types of Happy cards and use them to buy Disney giftcards (though you may or may not have to sweet talk the cashier). More detailed instructions can be found here, but a reminder below:

  • Happy Lady (use at Bed Bath & Beyond)
  • Happy Bride (use at Bed Bath & Beyond)
  • Happy Student (use at Bed Bath & Beyond)
  • Happy Kid (use at Buy Buy Baby, probably also works at Bed Bath & Beyond)
  • Happy Guy (use at Home Depot)

A fairly straightforward and painless 20% discount on Disney gift cards, though difficult to scale. Great for those of you in Florida!


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