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Discounted Disney Gift Cards

Disney gift cards can be used to pay for Disney hotel rooms, tickets, food, and souvenirs so they are a great way to help stack savings for your trip! We will do our best to keep this page updated with the latest deals.

We also recommend always trying to do your online purchases through cash back portals such as Ebates. While technically they should not track, they sometimes do and it’s just an extra click. Find the highest rates at

Front of a Disney Gift Card

Easiest Ways to Save Money on Disney Gift Cards


The Savings: 5 percent

How to Save: Using your Target RedCard (either the debit or credit card version), purchase Disney gift cards online or in-store. At check out, you will automatically get the RedCard five percent discount off your purchase.

Disney Gift Cards - Stacking Discounts
At Miles to the Magic we like to think stacking has multiple meanings

Sam’s Club

The Savings: ~4 percent

How to Save: The prices are already discounted for members, both online and in-store. They offer a pack of three $50 gift cards and one $500 gift card; the pack of three cards is usually a great savings. As of September 2018, the online prices are $142.98 for the $150 pack and $

How to Stack (1): Members can purchase Disney gift cards online or in-store for about 4 percent off. These discounts are limited to members only, but there are often special membership deals on Groupon and other savings sites that reduce the cost of membership.

Stacking opportunity: +5 percent with Credit Card Quarterly Bonuses

How to Stack (2): This is a great way to stack quarterly warehouse club bonuses from the Chase Freedom and Discover cards simply by paying for your purchase with that card. Be sure to activate the quarterly promotion with Chase or Discover. Chase Freedom and Discover have Wholesale Clubs as their Q4 2018 categories, be sure to activate to receive the increased bonus!

Stacking opportunity: +5 percent (or more!) through the Dosh app

How to Stack (3): For in-store purchases, the Dosh app gives 5 percent cash back (although not for Discover cards, unfortunately). New Dosh users can get $5 for joining through a referral link. Dosh also occasionally runs special promos with increased cash back. Once you sign up, you will link your credit card to Dosh so it can track your purchases. You can cash out your Dosh savings once you reach $25. Note: Although the terms state this is for in-store purchases only, we have gotten Dosh cash back for online purchases using the Chase Freedom Visa card. The Citi Double Cash Mastercard did not earn cash back from Dosh.

Advanced Stacking opportunity: Up to ~+3 percent with Walmart gift cards

How to Stack (4): You can often buy discounted Walmart gift cards from Raise and then use them to pay for your gift cards at Sam’s Club. Raise prices fluctuate, so you’ll have to monitor them for discounts, sometimes you can get them for up to 3% off.

BJ’s Warehouse Club

The Savings: ~4-8 percent off from BJ’s – 12.61 percent or more with credit card bonuses

How to Save: BJ’s discounts Disney gift cards for their members. They also sell Disney eGift cards online and offer a $10/year online-only membership. For those who live near a BJ’s, check your mailing for free trial membership, which are eligible for the same discounts as paid memberships. As of October 2018, BJ’s prices are $22.99 for a $25 gift card, $45.99 for a $50 gift card$91.99 for a $100 gift card, $137.99 for a $150 gift card pack (sold as a three pack of $50 gift cards), and $484.99 for a $500 gift card. The $500 card is only about a 4 percent savings compared to the 8 percent savings of the small denomination cards.

Stacking opportunity: +5 percent with Credit Card Quarterly Bonuses

How to Stack: Again, you can stack quarterly warehouse club bonuses from the Chase Freedom and Discover cards. Make sure to activate the promotion for your credit card account. Chase Freedom and Discover have Wholesale Clubs as their Q4 2018 category, be sure to activate to receive the increased bonus!

Some Grocery Stores

The Savings: Savings come in the terms of gas points

How to Save: Grocery stores like Kroger and Giant often run promotions where you can earn 4x Fuel Rewards for buying gift cards. By grabbing a Disney gift card or two while you grocery shop, you can bulk up your gas rewards and then use the savings for your Disney vacation.

Stacking opportunity: Use a credit card that offers bonus points or gas back for your grocery store purchases.

Happy gift cards at Bed Bath & Beyond

The Savings: However much you can save on Happy gift cards

How to Save: You can often buy Happy gift cards at a discount. Happy Lady, Bride, and Student gift cards can be used to buy Disney gift cards at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Stacking opportunity: Depending on where you purchase your Happy gift cards, you may be able to get grocery points, portal cashback, or bonus credit card points by category.

Limited time deals on Happy gift cards for October 2018

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  1. Ari

    Hi thanks for the gift card advice. Any idea if there is a limit to the number of gc you can use when purchasing Disney tickets online?

    • Rachel Berkey

      I always combine my gift cards as I purchase them on They let you transfer up to $1,000 to one gift card and you have five gift card slots per account. That way I only have one or two master gift cards to manage!

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