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How to Combine Disney Gift Cards

If you’ve taken advantage of some of the discounted Disney gift card deals that we’ve posted, you probably have a nice stack of cards that you’re keeping track of. We’ve found the best way to manage them is by combining them on so you only have a few “master” cards to manage.

Your wallet allows you to:

  • transfer the full balance from one gift card to another (partial transfers are not supported)
  • manage five gift cards simultaneously (you can delete a zero balance gift card in order to transfer balances between more than five cards)
  • monitor the balances of your gift card(s), up to $1,000 per card

If you already have a account, you can jump to combining Disney gift cards.

Setting Up a Account

To get started, setup an account at by clicking Login in the top left corner of the home page.'s Home Page

When Woody asks you if you’ve like to login or setup a new account, click the Setup Account button.

Login Page for

Enter your name, email address, and desired password and click the Create Account button to create your account.

Create Account Screen on

You’ll receive an email with a verification code. Copy and paste that into the verification page and click the Submit button. Verification Page

You’ll be taken to the home base for managing your Disney gift cards. This is also where you will start the next time you login. Home Base


Combining Disney Gift Cards

You can only transfer the full balance of a gift card so if you want smaller gift cards for kids to use for souvenirs and treats, you may need to manage a second account due to the five card limit. Be sure to set those cards aside before you get started.

I recommend having one or two primary master gift cards that you use to make your resort deposit and larger purchases. If you pay for a Disney resort or package with a gift card, Disney’s policy is to provide your refund back to the gift card. It is much easier to keep track of one or two cards than 10 or more! (Note: If you no longer have your gift card, Disney will issue a new one.)

Let’s get started!

Once you have logged into the site and are at your home base, you will need to add your first card.

Adding a Gift Card to

Your card will now show up on the right side of the screen under My Cards and you can add your second card.

Transfer the balance from your second card to the first card. Delete the second card once it has a $0 balance. Repeat until your first card has a $1,000 value or you run out of gift cards. This is a great activity to do while catching up on Netflix!

Tip! Take at least one empty gift card with you (or save the e-gift card). If you lose your primary gift card, you can login to and transfer the balance from the lost gift card to the empty gift card.

Once we hit $1000 on one card, we generally create a second “master” card – and plan a trip to Disney World because that’s too much to have sitting in the bank! But the process is very straightforward and super useful for dealing with small denomination gift cards you get from various gift card sales.

Final Thoughts

We use discounted gift cards more these days since a lot of former avenues for saving money have been shut down. At the moment, using Happy Cards still seems to be the most lucrative play. When we see Happy Cards on sale we can usually get 20% off of our Disney gift cards fairly easily.

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